VehicleShop System V8 [CarShop][Dealership][Business]
VehicleShop System V8 [CarShop][Dealership][Business]
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VehicleShop System V8 [CarShop][Dealership][Business]



dZp Dealership allows players to have their own vehicle dealerships – manage them, control sotck, track sales, buy cars from other players or from server, then resell them to other players and more. This is a great addition if you want to enhance your economics and late game players experience in your server.

Set any player as dealership owner;
Interactive UI for dealership owners as well as customers;
Visual graphs with various dealership data e.g. sales history, recent requests and sales…;
Ability to create as many dealerships as needed and adjust them to your needs;
Dealerships owned by city can be created if you don’t want to give responsibility of them to players. In such case server staff can manage the stock and prices;
Server staff can use ingame commands to refill server cars stock and add new (addon) cars to be available for dealerships owners to choose from.

Preview all available cars listing;
Inspect any car in details – see it’s performance mods (if any), preview how it looks visually;
Request their desired car, leave a message with it and hope that dealership owner will get it to listing;
Sell cars to dealerships.

Dealership owners:
Can buy cars from available server stock. Less stock of specific car model – higher price;
Buy cars from other players and resell them to other players;
List cars for price they choose from dealership stock to be available to buy by any player;
Track all sales, their history, prices and income as well as requested cars by other server players;
Manage owned stock, list them, change colors, add to display;
Cars can be added to display – they will spawn at set coords and can bee shown to customers.

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