Ultimate Diving Job V3
Ultimate Diving Job V3
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Ultimate Diving Job V3



[1] – confing fully editable to adapt the script to your needs :heavy_check_mark:

[2] – custom ui with animations ( for boat rental ) :heavy_check_mark:

[3] – addition of the diving item, which will allow you, using it,

to dress automatically with the diving suit, all embellished with the use of custom

sounds and progress bars. :heavy_check_mark:

[4]- collection system through animated blips :heavy_check_mark:

[5] – progressbar for each job related action :heavy_check_mark:

[6] – custom sounds for each job related action :heavy_check_mark:

[7] – item collection areas that change automatically once the material is exhausted :heavy_check_mark:

[8] – process consisting of 2 different steps phase 1 cut phase 2 packaging :heavy_check_mark:

[9] – custom ymaps to increase the roleplay experience :heavy_check_mark:

[10] – metal collection area with customized animations and sounds✔️

[11] – metal process consisting of two phases step 1 put the metal into the furnace step 2 pack the molten metal bars :heavy_check_mark:

[12] – both phases of the work have a common sale which by default appears at the port via an NPC :heavy_check_mark:

[13] – the sale is enhanced with the use of progress bars and sounds✔️

[14] – the script is optimized, when we are not using it the resource takes 0.01ms while in use 0.06 :heavy_check_mark:

[15] – icon pack :heavy_check_mark:

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