Qbus RolePlay Server V2 [NoPixel V3 Inspired]
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Qbus RolePlay Server V2 [NoPixel V3 Inspired]



Mode : New QBUS

Scripts : All Custom QBUS  / NoPixel V3 Scripts / 0 Bug / High  Optimized HD / Private FiveM-Store

Maps : VIP / Optimized / No Drop

Vehicles : NoPixel Vehicle / Optimized / No Drop

High FPS Texture / High Quality Performance / +100 FPS / +150 Slot / NoPixel 3.0 Inspired

Enjoy 🙂

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5 reviews for Qbus RolePlay Server V2 [NoPixel V3 Inspired]

  1. Alberto Jimenz

    If i wish to play this on fivem but like client based server would it work because id like to just play single player with these mods and eventually get some friends who are looking into playing this game into the server ?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hello dear, yes you can play like single player or with friends

  2. Angel Jimenez

    How any scripts does it have and is Benny’s customs and the casino included?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hello dear, yes!

  3. Jonas Hanekamp

    there is 290+ scripts almost is good and private thanks

  4. madkat03

    Nice package, i just bought it i can figure it easily

  5. Ernesto Aleman

    Good qbus server for roleplay, its like nopixel design, thank you, also for your best support

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