Qbus Interactive Fingerprint Scanner System
Qbus Interactive Fingerprint Scanner System
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Qbus Interactive Fingerprint Scanner System



Description :

An Interactive Fingerprint Scanner which shows Personal Details about the player to himself and surrounding players on separate screen. [check photo for reference].


Non-obfuscated (if that’s even a word, hope you got an idea what am referring to :slight_smile:
Highly Optimized with Cool NUI and Sounds.
Interactive Scanning Method (need to hold mouse click on scanner for 5 seconds before result appear.
Details Shown On Screen : FirstName, LastName, DOB, Sex, PhoneNumber.
Separate Monitor Screen for surrounding players to see results.
Config for coordinates and police-job name.


Not in-range and not using : ~0.01 ms
in-range and not using: ~0.10 ms
in-range and using: ~0.01 ms

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