Phone Video Call System
Phone Video Call System
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Phone Video Call System




Real-time video call experience using WebRTC technology.
Zero interaction with your phone’s VoIP meaning it will work in parallel with any VoIP (TokoVoip, Mumble, WebRTC etc.).
Ability to swap between the back and the front camera.
Dynamic adjustment to support and center properly in various resolutions.
Plug-and-play integration with phones that we offer out of the box hooks for.
Color filters (grayscale, sepia, invert, saturate, etc.).
Image filters with real-time player ped face-tracking (dog, cat, etc.).
Optimized for a balance between quality and performance.
Routing via a TURN server to protect your players’ privacy never revealing their IP address.
Automatic video reconnect in case of WebRTC disconnects with a minimal video downtime.

Installation Instructions

Make sure you have yarn in your resources.
Add ensure cs-video-call to your start.cfg file before ensuring your phone.
Edit your phone’s __resource.lua or fxmanifest.lua file and add ‘@cs-video-call/client/hooks/core.lua’ as the last client script and ‘@cs-video-call/server/hooks/core.lua’ as the last server script.
Edit your phone’s NUI file (usually index.html) and add right before .
Check the config.lua file inside cs-video-call for further configuration and read through all options and their comments as some are very important for the setup process and adjust them to your setup and preferences.
Run the command ensure cs-video-call in the server’s console and wait until yarn finishes the installation.
Restart your server or run the command refresh and then ensure your phone.

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