Phone System V4 [Special]
Phone System V4 [Special]
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Phone System V4 [Special]



* Banking App with Transfer Money option to contracts & pay bills trought the app. (esx_billing support)
* Laywers App to contact online lawyers, improves the Courthouse Roleplay.
* Mail App, trigger included so you can mail whatever you want to your players.
* MEOS – In-PHONE police MDT which has Person, Vehicles and much more info about players, house integration will be added soon, depends on your housing scripts.
* RACING! – Finally, ESX Racing scripts same as nopixel, is indeed included, can tracks be saved on phone, everyone can make a track, I mean everyone whos not police or ems.
* Setting – some cool stuff like chaning background, anonymous call and your phone information.
* Twitter – pretty much like twitter IRL, Tweets section, Mentioned Section and Trending section.
* Whatsaap – Messages app replacement, looks more clean and intergates with the contacts app.
* Contacts – Intergartes with Whatsaap, can be moved to the whatsaap by one click, looks like phone IRL. with dial menu etc…
* This Script work with , and this garage system included

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5 reviews for Phone System V4 [Special]

  1. Joel Medina (verified owner)

    great phone, works!

  2. Stephen Bush

    Nice its also works on garage! Thanks!

  3. Knager (verified owner)

    Nice scripts.

  4. FrutazZ

    thx so much for your support and scripts

  5. YereCruz1991 (verified owner)


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