Discord Bot
Discord Bot
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Discord Bot



FiveM Store Discord BOT:

  • Multiple prefixes.
  • Over 120 configuration options in a config file.
  • Nearly all channel outputs from the bot can be configured to multiple channels instead of just one.
  • Logging Deleted messages.
  • Logging Role updates.
  • Logging Role edited.
  • Logging Command logging.
  • Logging Edited messages.
  • Logging Channel creates.
  • Logging Channel edits.
  • Logging Channel deletes.
  • Admin Management Have three configuration staff ranks with permission use.
  • Admin Management Option to restrict commands with custom permissions.
  • Admin Management Tracing of user actions. total mutes, kicks, joins, bans, messages sent, messages deleted.
  • Direct Message User Module Receive bot messages and replies.
  • Utility Module Member count channel.
  • Auto Role Module Assign a group of roles to users when they join.
  • Greet Module Welcome messages.
  • Greet Module Leave messages.
  • Greet Module Option to use fancy embeds on leave and welcome messages.
  • Greet Module Option to use welcome/leave image instead of embed or text.
  • Language Module Filter words and terms and restrict them.
  • Language Module Ability to whitelist roles to bypass the filtered words and terms.
  • Level Module Level system (Toggle able).
  • Level Module Gain extra Experience from attachments and longer messages.
  • Level Module Custom level up messages.
  • Level Module Options to remove levels on leave and/or removal.
  • Level Module Display rank names for people with certain levels.
  • Level Module Send an image with a users rank and Experience
  • Ticket Module Ticket system with no restriction on the amount of support roles.
  • Ticket Module Tickets get sorted in a category.
  • Ticket Module Ability to archive tickets.
  • Ticket Module Up to three custom questions to be asked when users create a ticket.
  • Auto Reply Messages Ability to reply to a users message automatically. You can make an unlimited amount of these with your own configuration.
  • Easy to install Addon commands and extensions. Drag and drop!
  • Application System – Configure questions to be completed in a application and have it out put to a HTML file. See images below.
  • Server Lock – Got spam accounts joining? Lock down your Discord server by automatically kicking anyone that joins while it’s active (toggled via command).
  • Role Reactions – Role reaction allows guild owners to award roles to users when they react to a message. You can add, remove and toggle roles.
  • Sticky Messages – The sticky message extensions gives server moderators the ability to have a pinned message at the bottom of the chat until turned off.
  • Giveaway System – A super cool giveaway system that does many things to enhance your giveaways.
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2 reviews for Discord Bot

  1. Eden

    Love you, best bot!

  2. FAXES

    Thanks for your bot all features!!

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